ELIXIR Train the Trainer – Online course <span class="dashicons dashicons-calendar"></span>

The ELIXIR Training Platform is pleased to announce a Train the Trainer (TtT) event online, in collaboration with ELIXIR-CZ and UCT Prague. Instructors Loredana Le Pera (ELIXIR-IT Deputy Training Coordinator, IBIOM/IBPM-CNR, IT) Jessica Lindvall (ELIXIR-SE Training Coordinator, NBIS, SE) Patricia Palagi (ELIXIR-CH Training Coordinator, SIB, CH) Allegra Via (ELIXIR-IT Training Coordinator, IBPM-CNR, IT) Local organizers Vojtěch […]

Introduction to Galaxy online workshop <span class="dashicons dashicons-calendar"></span>

This workshop is open to everybody interested in Galaxy and consists of two main parts: The first part of the workshop (ca 90 min) will introduce attendees to Galaxy’s ecosystem and capabilities. We will walk through the interface and have hands-on experience with uploading data, running tools, working with Galaxy history, and creating a reusable Galaxy […]

ELIXIR UniCatDB online workshop <span class="dashicons dashicons-calendar"></span>

The University of the South Bohemia (ELIXIR CZ) would like to invite you to the online hands-on workshop focused on UniCatDB. UnicatDB is the service platform developed under the ELIXIR research infrastructure for more than two years representing robust unified solution for species occurrence evidence and Life Science collections with full user-defined data schema aiming […]

Masterclass “Computational Approaches and In Silico Enzyme Library Design for Applied Biocatalysis” <span class="dashicons dashicons-calendar"></span>

The course aims to make participants familiar with the use of structural biology and computational tools for engineering the performance of enzymes that are relevant for applied biocatalysis and synthetic biology. The theoretical and practical parts are integrated in a few problem-solving modules. Participants will have the opportunity to share their research via short oral presentations, […]

2nd Workshop on Intrinsically Disordered Proteins in Core Data Resources <span class="dashicons dashicons-calendar"></span>

Goal The two day workshop will bring together experimentalists, computational biologists and database developers from the Intrinsically Disordered Protein (IDP) field. The workshop will focus on the methods available to characterize IDPs, their advantages and disadvantages and their representation in the literature and community resources. A key goal of the workshop is to create a roadmap for […]