Introduction to Galaxy online workshop


This workshop is open to everybody interested in Galaxy and consists of two main parts:

The first part of the workshop (ca 90 min) will introduce attendees to Galaxy’s ecosystem and capabilities. We will walk through the interface and have hands-on experience with uploading data, running tools, working with Galaxy history, and creating a reusable Galaxy workflow.

The second part (ca 60 min) consists of a guest speaker Simon Bray from the University of Freiburg presenting his insights on using Galaxy in the domain of Computational Chemistry. This session will give an overview of the ChemicalToolbox, a Galaxy-based web server for computational chemistry accessible at, and discuss some of the tools and workflows available in Galaxy for virtual screening and molecular dynamics.


Registration is closed. Due to hands-on concept we have to limit number of participants to 40.


Jiří Vondrášek
ELIXIR CZ at IOCB AS CR, Czech Republic

Martin Čech
Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the CAS

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