About Us

The Czech National Infrastructure for Biological Data, abbreviated ELIXIR CZ, is a distributed research infrastructure for bioinformatics that has arisen from an advanced computational environment. We offer the use of our specialized databases and unique tools free of charge to the national and international life science research community.

ELIXIR CZ is comprised of research performing organizations across the Czech Republic, with its headquarters in the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences. Beyond the Czech Republic, ELIXIR CZ is a partner organization of the European Research Infrastructure for Life Science Data, an intergovernmental organization which coordinates and develops life science resources across Europe.

Our mission is to offer solutions to the very real problems related to the exponential increase of biological research experimental data. Life science research around the world faces the challenge of not only how to store data safely and accessibly, but also how to secure the interoperability of heterogeneous datasets. We tackled these challenges by introducing and sharing standards and best practices. Moreover, in both independent and collaborative efforts, we continue to develop and refine advanced tools and services for powerful, efficient and easy-to-use data analysis.

ELIXIR CZ collaborates closely with other large research infrastructures, namely INSTRUCT, EATRIS, BBMRI, EuroBioimaging and EU-OPENSCREEN, bridging life science disciplines in a synergistic fashion.