Introduction to Galaxy & Proteomics online workshop


This workshop is open to everybody interested in Galaxy and has two independent parts. Please feel free to join any or both.

The first part of the workshop (starting at 13:00) is a variation of an intro to Galaxy. It will introduce attendees to Galaxy’s ecosystem and capabilities. We will walk through the interface and have hands-on experience with uploading data, running tools, working with Galaxy history, and operating on collections of data.

In the second part (starting at 15:00) our guest speakers Melanie C. Föll and Matthias Fahrner from the University of Freiburg will present her insights on using Galaxy in the domain of Proteomics. This part will cover a presentation of many proteomics tools that are available in Galaxy and how proteomics analyses benefit from the Galaxy ecosystem. Tools and use cases for DDA, DIA, spatially resolved proteomics as well as N-terminomics, proteogenomics and metaproteomics analyses will be covered.


Registration is closed. Due to hands-on concept we have to limit number of participants to 50.


Jiří Vondrášek
ELIXIR CZ at IOCB AS CR, Czech Republic

Martin Čech
ELIXIR CZ at IOCB AS CR, Czech Republic

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