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We warmly invite you to a two-day intensive workshop focused on the European Genomics projects and activities including 1MG, GDI, Genome-Phenome Archive (EGA) and Federated European Genome-phenome Archive (FEGA). This event is dedicated to providing deep insights into the managerial and technical aspects of these pivotal platforms, aiming to enhance collaboration and knowledge sharing within the Federated Human Data community.


Day 1 – Afternoon: Exploring Implementation Projects – (13:00)

Session 1: Genomic Initiatives in Europe and ELIXIR’s Leading Role (Serena Scollen, ELIXIR Hub) – 30 min

  • Dive into the landscape of genomic initiatives in Europe.
  • Understand ELIXIR’s pivotal role in shaping these initiatives.

Session 2: Recapitulation of the 1+MG Initiative and Its Implementation Projects (Serena Scollen, ELIXIR Hub) – 30 min

  • Revisit the 1+MG initiative, exploring its goals and impact.
  • Examine the implementation projects stemming from this initiative.

Session 3: GDI Project Unveiled (Juan Arenas Márquez, ELIXIR Hub)- 45 min

  • A comprehensive look at the Genomic Data Infrastructure (GDI) project.
  • Understand the project’s objectives, key pillars, and work packages.


14:45 – 15:15 Coffee Break

Session 4: Activities in the Czech Genomics Initiatives and GDI – 110 min

  • Framework of National Genomic Initiatives Within the European Context (Š. Pospíšilová, J. Horák, B. Tichý)
  • Czech Genomic Projects:
    • In Health (H. Svozilová, V. Bystrý)
    • In Disease (K. Plevová, V. Bystrý)
  • GDI project, StarterKit and role of Elixir at the national level (L. Matyska)
  • Czech multiome project – from genes to gene functions (M. Hajdúch, R. Krupička, B. Dvorský)


17:05 – 17:35 Discussion – 30 min

Day 2 – Morning: Navigating the EGA/FEGA Landscape (9:00)

Session 1: StarterKit Presentation and Demonstration (Jorge Oliveira & Miguel Santos, ELIXIR PT) – 40 min

  • Introduction to the StarterKit, focusing on its workflow and applications.
  • Detailed guide on technical prerequisites, installation, and use cases in rare disease and cancer research.

Session 2: EGA, FEGA – General Overview (Jorge Oliveira, ELIXIR PT) – 30 min

  • Comprehensive overview of EGA and FEGA
  • Discussion on core functionalities, administrative requirements, and technical aspects.


10:10 – 10:30 Coffee break – 30 min

Session 3: Setting Up Local EGA Node and Building FEGA (Miguel dos Santos, ELIXIR PT) – 45 min

  • Step-by-step guidance on establishing a local EGA Node.
  • Insights into building FEGA, including practical demonstrations and technical requirements.

Session 4: FEGA in the Federated Human Data Community – 30 min

  • Exploring the role and impact of FEGA within the Federated Human Data community. (Giselle Kerry, ELIXIR HUB)
  • Real-world use cases and insights from successful implementations in Portugal (Jorge Oliveira, ELIXIR PT).


Join us for this enriching experience where experts and practitioners from various fields come together to delve into the cutting edge of genomics, phenomics, and collaborative data initiatives.


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