ELIXIR capacity building and Node development workshop

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A workshop on ‘ELIXIR Nodes – Structure and Governance’ will be held in Brussels, Belgium on 3-4 November 2015, as part of  ELIXIR-EXCELERATE WP10.
The aim of the workshop is to share knowledge and exchange best practice on developing organizational and governance structures for ELIXIR Nodes and building effective national collaboration with other ESFRI’s. The meeting will also include a session examining Node legal agreements and the EC’s Linked Third Party clause.
The event is open to ELIXIR partners and it is hoped participants will leave with a better understanding of the steps to follow in order to develop sustainable and effective ELIXIR Node entities.


Day 1 – 3. November 2015

12:30     Lunch

13:30    Jiří Vondrášek, CZ: Introduction and welcome (10min)
                  Review of Governance structures and organization of established Nodes

  • Ron Appel, CH:  SIB – the example of a mature national bioinformatics infrastructure (20 min)
  • Ruben Kok, NL: DTL – the consortium model of a Node (20 min)
  • Bengt Persson, SE: BILS – the example of a distributed Node (20 min)
  • Andrew Smith, ELIXIR Hub:  Report on current status of ELIXIR Nodes (10 min)
  • Open discussion led by Jiří Vondrášek

15:30     Coffee break

16:00    National collaboration with other ESFRI RIs

  • Annu Rosenqvist, FI: Collaboration with other ESFRI RIs, example from the Finnish Node (20 min)
  • Ruben Kok, NL: Collaboration with other ESFRI RIs, example from the Dutch Node (20 min)
  • Andrew Smith, ELIXIR Hub: Status of collaborations with other ESFRIs in ELIXIR Nodes (10 min)
  • Open discussion led by Brane Leskosek

17:30     End of day 1 program

19:30     Dinner at Prague House in Brussel

Day 2 – 4. November 2015

09:00    Linked Third Parties

  • Paul Tuinder, European Commission: EC rules on Linked Third Parties (45min)
  • Open discussion led by Bengt Persson

10:30     Coffee break

11:00    Review of Node legal structures

  • Amaranta Amador Bernal, EMBL: Legal structures of Nodes, the ELIXIR requirements (30 min)
  • Open discussion led by Brane Leskosek

Jiří Vondrášek, CZ: Concluding Remarks

12:30     Lunch

13:30     End of workshop


Prague House

The Representation was established in 2002 with its main objectives being representation of the City of Prague and promotion of its interests, culture and history within European structures. The need to mediate information about topical events in Brussels to the political and administrative representatives of the City of Prague and to provide information on potential cooperation with other European regions increased after the Czech Republic joined the European Union in May 2004.
The Prague House is not only open to the official representatives of the city of Prague; queries, suggestions and offers of cooperation may be addressed to us by representatives of other Prague institutions, companies, associations, not to mention the citizens Prague. The Prague House also participates significantly in the coordination of activities of the Czech National Delegation in the Committee of the Regions, the official advisory body of European institutions.


Jiří Vondrášek, Head of ELIXIR Czech Node
Phone:    +420 220183267
Mobil:     +420 739309016

Pavel Dvořák, ELIXIR CZ technical coordinator; web administrator


Registration is closed.


Travel expenses need to be covered by each participanting node individually. Excelerate will cover all meeting costs.

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