Registration to ELIXIR CZ Annual Conference 2021

Personal information

Your name, email and affiliation will be published in the conference proceedings unless you tell us otherwise.


Please note that for this event we will process the following personal data: your name, surname, email, affiliation, registration time, registration IP. This information is stored for the period set by individual funding bodies of ELIXIR CZ, with a minimum period of 5 years after the end of the funded projects. Only the conference organisers have access to this information, with exception of a full list of participants which will be available for signature at the registration. The evidence of your participation in the conference is required by the ELIXIR CZ funding providers.

Conference contribution

Should you wish us to arrange your accommodation, please indicate so in this section. We keep the details provided only for logistics purposes and these are deleted after the conference.
Full list of participants (name and room sharing preference) will be provided to the hotel staff. Note that all rooms are double.

Please note, that if you disagree that we provide this information to the hotel, we will not be able to book the room for you.

I want to have a room booked in the conference hotel.

Please note that photographs will be taken and audio and video recording will take place throughout the ELIXR CZ Annual Conference 2021. These will be used by ELIXIR CZ for publicity in our publications, on our website, or in social media. Please contact the event organiser if you do not wish to be photographed.