PredictSNP Onco: Towards Personalized Medicine in Children’s Oncology

PredictSNP Onco: Towards Personalized Medicine in Children’s Oncology

We are excited to report the hot testing phase of the PredictSNP Onco Web tool. This fully automated web tool conducts multiple analyses of mutations potentially connected with cancer development. The user only selects the target protein and mutation. We estimate whether the mutation is deleterious or neutral. We also analyze the effect of a given mutation on the binding of all FDA/EMA-approved drugs. Try PredictSNP Onco… it is easy to use 🙂

The tool was developed by talented students Simeon Borko, Jan Stourac and Rayyan Khan, with significant contributions by David Bednar, Adam Dobias, Joan Planas-Iglesias, Stanislav Mazurenko, Gaspar Pinto and Veronika Szotkowska. Web server development is only possible with a fantastic collaboration with oncologists Petra Pokorna, Jaroslav Sterba and Ondrej Slaby.

The project was supported by CZECRIN, EXCELES Oncology and TACR National Competence Centre PerMed.

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