The legal framework of ELIXIR is based on the ELIXIR Consortium Agreement (ECA), which has been concluded among the Member States and EMBL and officially entered into force on 12 January 2014. The ECA covers ELIXIR’s mission, membership, obligations of the Members and the ELIXIR Hub, the governance structure between the ELIXIR Hub and the ELIXIR Nodes.


Main decision making body of ELIXIR CZ established based on the Czech Consortium Agreement, partner institutions are represented by their delegates. The ELIXIR CZ Board chair also represents CZ Node at the ELIXIR Board.

ELIXIR CZ Scientific Advisory Board

Body established according to the Czech Consortium Agreement, members are independent scientist who ensure the quality of ELIXIR CZ activities/services. The ELIXIR CZ Board consults with the SAB and acts based on their recommendations.

ELIXIR CZ Heads of Nodes Committee

Is an executive body of ELIXIR CZ partnering with the ELIXIR CZ Board in relation to activities of the infrastructure. Consortium partners are represented by their delegates.

ELIXIR CZ Node Oversight Group 

The Collaboration Agreement between ELIXIR Hub and the ELIXIR CZ Node stipulates establishment of a Collaboration Oversight Group. This Oversight Group comprise of the ELIXIR Director and the Head of CZ Node, who may appoint other members to the group. Representatives nominated by ELIXIR CZ:

  • doc. RNDr. Karel Berka, Ph.D.
  • Ing. Hana Pergl Šustková