Consortium ELIXIR CZ

  • 2012 Memorandum of Understanding - Czech Republic to ELIXIR EU
  • June 2013 Memorandum of Collaboration in Czech Republic
  • December 2013 Ratification of ELIXIR EU Consortium Agreement
  • 2014 CZ Node Application
  • December 2015 ELIXIR EU Collaboration Agreement signed by the CZ Node
  • March 2015 Signing ELIXIR CZ Consortium Agreement
  • October 2015 Amendment to ELIXIR CZ Consortium Agreement

What we are

The Czech ELIXIR Node represented by the IOCB AS CR as a national hub for bioinformatics, comprising an advanced computational environment, dedicated data collections and unique tools provided for the life science community. The Node is created and operated as a distributed infrastructure, comprising currently fourteen organizations. Partners institutions are providing tools and databases in an open access regime to Czech scientists and the international research community.

There are three strong areas in which the Node is providing a connection between the national and pan-European research structures.

  1. The most advanced and developed area belongs to Structural Bioinformatics field focusing mainly on services and development of specific tools. The structural Bioinformatics field is very tightly connected with Czech IT research infrastructure partners – namely CESNET and CERIT SC providing not only computational and storage capacity but also know-how in the networking and use of heterogeneous resources.
  2. The second largest area is represented by curated databases in two major areas – specific collections of genomic data on microorganisms and plants and cheminformatics databases which also serve as an interconnecting element between other biomedical infrastructure projects, like EU-OPENSCREEN and EATRIS.
  3. Last but not least, the IT dedicated solutions for ELIXIR infrastructure are developed by the Node IT partners and their involvement in other ELIXIR CZ projects represents common platform for unification and efficiency of the whole process. The Node also serves as a coordination platform of national bioinformatics activities and is responsible for data uniformity, ELIXIR-standards application and for world-scale accessibility in the whole research space within the Czech Republic.

Main goals

Interconnecting Data and Tools

Tools to Data strategy and its application on the heterogeneous national environment is the major goal of the Node. A dedicated computing and storage environment managed by major national cloud/grid academic providers and reflecting the actual needs of the Czech Republic ELIXIR Node is an integral part of the Node.

The Czech National Node, together with ELIXIR Finland, is building and authentication and authorization infrastructure based on the Perun system to provide an unified authentication and authorization for all ELIXIR services. This authentication and authorization architecture will give ELIXIR users easy and secure access to different services offered across the ELIXIR infrastructure.

Collaboration hub for BMS Infrastructures

An important feature of the proposed ELIXIR Node is a tight connection and collaboration with ESFRI-infrastructure projects in the Czech Republic – namely INSTRUCT, EATRIS, BBMRI, EuroBioimaging and EU-OPENSCREEN. This is in accordance with the initial vision of the ELIXIR infrastructure as the bridge across many disciplines.