Amino Acids Interactions Web Server

Calculates the residue Interaction Energy Matrix for any protein structure and offers comprehensive analysis of the interfaces in protein–DNA complexes.


Unified platform for comprehensive data fitting and analysis of protein thermal denaturation data. Allows simultaneous global data fitting using any combination of input data types and offers 12 protein unfolding pathway models for selection, including irreversible transitions often missing from other tools. The data fitting produces optimal parameter values, their confidence intervals, and statistical information to define unfolding pathways.


FireProtDB is a comprehensive, manually curated database of the protein stability data for single-point mutants. Proteins find their use in numerous biomedical and biotechnological applications. Naturally occurring proteins usually cannot withstand harsh industrial environments since they have evolved to function under mild conditions. Increasing protein stability is one of the key determinants of protein applicability. The predictive power of the current computational tools is compromised by the limited experimental data that would allow a rigorous training and testing.