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Data management and access control

Best practices to help you manage life science data

DSW – Create, plan, collaborate, and bring your data management plans to life with a tool trusted by thousands of people worldwide — from data management pioneers, to international research institutes.

RDMkit – The Research Data Management Kit (RDMkit) guides you through the whole data management life cycle and includes advice specific to your domain, your role, and your country. For more information, you can refer to …

Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure (AAI) – The ELIXIR Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure (AAI) lets you sign in to various services with the same account.  You can use your university or institute account, or an account with a company like Google, Apple, or LinkedIn. The Life Science Login (a.k.a. Life Science Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure, LS AAI) enables researchers to use their home organization credentials or community or commercial identities (e.g. ORCID, Google) to sign in and access data and services they need. It also allows service providers (both in academia and industry) to control and manage the access rights of their users and create different access levels for research groups or international projects. For more information, you can refer to LS Login web page.

Training and events

ELIXIR CZ organizes a diverse array of educational events, including training, workshops, and conferences. These gatherings serve as platforms for knowledge exchange, skill development, and networking within the life sciences community. Participants can engage with cutting-edge research, share insights, and stay abreast of the latest advancements in the field through ELIXIR CZ’s dynamic and enriching events.

For more information, you can refer to …

ELIXIR TeSS Search for training courses, webinars, training materials, and workflows in TeSS, ELIXIR´s training portal.

Opportunities to work together