FAIR Implementation Profile – an Effective Way towards FAIR Community Standards

The FAIR Principles do not intentionally establish or recommend any specific technologies, tools, standards or practices – they are just general rules to encourage the maximum use of existing and proven ones and to guide the development of new ones where they are currently lacking. By its very nature, the path to FAIR data must be grasped to a large extent at the level of individual communities and provide them with effective methods and tools to achieve optimal fulfilment of FAIR requirements. In this seminar, we will introduce you to one of the most important initiatives in this area – the FAIR Implementation Profile (FIP), which is a methodology developed within the GO FAIR initiative, through which the scientific and research communities have the opportunity to express their choices of standards, technologies, tools and procedures by which they fulfil the FAIR principles. This creates a global knowledge base from which both researchers of this community can draw, and other communities can also be inspired when creating their FIPs.

Compared to other projects focused on the creation of guidelines and recommendations for the FAIRification of data, the FAIR Implementation Profile is characterized by fully machine-actionable outputs in the form of nano-publications, which enable the implementation of automated support and connection with tools, and also provides traceability and trustworthiness in a globally distributed environment based on a digitally signed provenance.

As part of the EOSC ČR OS1 project, we will prepare a foundation for Czech researchers to participate in this project at the national and international level – the FIP Wizard will be available, within which FIPs are created and used, and will be connected to the national Data Stewardship Wizard, a tool for preparing data management plans, so that FIPs can be directly used in planning decisions. Furthermore, tools for evaluating FAIR data metrics will be connected to FIPs, thus creating a comprehensive system from planning to verification of results, which will provide an effective and easy-to-use system for fulfilling FAIR principles.

In the scope of the follow-up EOSC CR OS2 project, individual communities will be able to prepare their own knowledge base containing appropriate choices and recommendations for their specific approaches to FAIRification based on the FIP methodology in the prepared technological and methodological environment.

Benefits for the attendees

The seminar will feature leading experts on the FAIR Implementation Profile who will provide participants with information about this global project from all perspectives – political, organizational, methodological and technical. Notable current projects and communities that leverage FIP will also be presented. The seminar is intended primarily for key participants of the EOSC implementation projects in the Czech Republic OS1 and OS2, to whom it will provide understanding and inspiration for the maximum use of the potential of FIP within these projects. For this intention, there will also be ample space for questions and discussion.

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