Data Stewardship Wizard is an officially recommended tool by the Horizon Europe Programme Guide

According to the Horizon Europe Programme Guide, DSW is one of the recommended tool for developing DMPs: The DMPONLINE tool (supports the development of project DMPs); ARGOS (online tool); the Data Stewardship Wizard, a joint ELIXIR CZ and ELIXIR NL tool, helps researchers understand what is needed for FAIR-oriented data stewardship, and build their own Data Management Plans.

Data Stewardship Wizard brings together data stewards and researchers to efficiently compose data management plans (DMPs) for their research projects. Data Stewards capture and combine their knowledge and expertise with respect to the specific needs of a domain or an organisation. Researchers are truly guided through composing a DMP which can be then exported using selected template and format, including machine-actionable. The benefit lies not only in having a nowadays often obligatory DMP for funders but mainly learning how to handle data correctly, make them FAIR, maintain them well during the project, and curate them long-term.

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