ELIXIR CZ Internal projects

ELIXIR CZ internal projects are short 1-year long projects that enhance the ELIXIR CZ infrastructure. The projects are funded from the ELIXIR CZ budget and only ELIXIR CZ consortium partners can apply for it. Topics of interest are sets by ELIXIR CZ Board.

Topics for Internal projects 2020:

  1. Structural bioinformatics
  2. Extension of ELIXIR core data resources
  3. Data management planning
  4. Human Data
  5. Personalized medicine/health care
  6. Genome annotation

Scope and Benefits of ELIXIR CZ Volunteer Reviewers

Peer review is an essential part in the selection process of internal ELIXIR CZ projects, ensuring that ELIXIR CZ maintains high quality standards for its supported projects. We are striving to recognize the efforts of reviewers.

When reviewing for ELIXIR CZ projects you: 

  • Receive a personalized reviewer certificate.
  • Are included in the ELIXIR CZ annual acknowledgment of reviewers.

Invitation to Review

Projects submitted to ELIXIR CZ should be reviewed by at least two experts. Reviewers are asked to evaluate the quality of the proposal and to provide a recommendation to the Head of Nodes committee on whether a project can be supported, requires revisions or should be rejected.

We ask invited reviewers to:

  • accept or decline any invitations quickly, based on the project title and abstract;
  • request an extension in case more time is required to compose a report;

As part of the assessment, reviewers will be asked:

  • to rate the originality, significance, quality of the proposal, scientific soundness, interest to users and the ELIXIR CZ, overall merit and English level of the proposal;
  • to provide an overall recommendation for the funding of the project
  • to provide a detailed, constructive review report;