Technical support

Should you run into any problems applying for or using these resources, or if you just need advice regarding anything not mentioned here, please feel free to email MetaCentrum/CERIT-SC/ELIXIR CZ support staff (directed into a request tracking system):


Frequently Asked Questions

How to get access to the ELIXIR CZ resources?

  • Access to all available services requires registration into a special group. Registration form (standard ELIXIR CZ account) – for access to ELIXIR and MetaCentrum/CERIT-SC resources: Registration form, follow instructions provided there. Authentication via or eduGAIN is recommended for full access to ELIXIR and MetaCentrum/CERIT-SC services. Use the authentication via ELIXIR ID only if you can not use or eduGAIN and your ELIXIR ID account is associated with an academic institution. Otherwise you will get access to ELIXIR resources only (limited account).