ELIXIR CZ Friday Coffee 2021 – AmtDB – database of ancient human


AmtDB – database of ancient human full mitogenomes and sample metadata

Edvard Ehler from IMG

Our AmtDB (https://amtdb.org/) represents today the most complete open online source of aDNA samples (mitogenomes) and additional information about the samples, their archaeological context, dating, location and publication. In last two years, we have updated our database significantly, adding new samples, tools and information. In my talk, I will shortly introduce the database, the novel features and its services it provides for ELIXIR users.

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Future webinars

16. 4. at 9:30 – ELIXIR and Galaxy Project.
23. 4. at 9:30 – Metadynminer and Metadynreporter.
30. 4. at 9:30 – SPCI: Structural and physicochemical interpretation of QSAR models.
   7. 5. at 9:30 – FireProt: Computational tool for the design of stable proteins.

Take a look at the webinar and give us your feedback.

Please note that online session will be recorded and may be used on ELIXIR CZ website, social media, in ELIXIR CZ e-publications and any other ELIXIR CZ online materials.

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