ELIXIR CZ Friday Coffee 2021 – FireProt: Computational tool


FireProt: Computational tool for the design of stable proteins

Miloš Musil from ICRC 

FireProt is a family of tools for the design and analysis of stable proteins. FireProt-web is a server for the fully automated design of stable multiple-point mutants, while FireProt-ASR helps inexperienced users with the successful utilization of ancestral sequence reconstruction. Finally, FireProt-DB is a novel database designated for the storage and maintenance of protein stability data.

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Future webinars

14. 5. at 9:30 – 2DProts: Family-wide 2D diagrams of protein secondary structure.
21. 5. at 9:30 – Traveler: visualization of secondary structure of RNA molecules.
28. 5. at 9:30 – cpPredictor: template based prediction of RNA secondary structures.
   4. 6. at 9:30 – EnzymeMiner & SoluProt: mining of soluble enzymes.

Take a look at the webinar and give us your feedback.

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