ELIXIR CZ Friday Coffee 2021 – EnzymeMiner & SoluProt: mining of soluble enzymes


EnzymeMiner & SoluProt: mining of soluble enzymes

Jiří Hon from ICRC

We present two integrated bioinformatics tools EnzymeMiner and SoluProt for mining and rational selection of novel soluble enzymes. EnzymeMiner uses one or more enzyme sequences and a description of essential residues to find enzyme family members among millions of uncharacterized protein sequences in the NCBI nr database. SoluProt is a machine-learning method for prediction of soluble protein expression in E. coli integrated in EnzymeMiner for prioritization of search hits. EnzymeMiner and SoluProt help to identify novel putative enzymes and facilitate selection of several expressible targets for experimental characterization. These novel enzymes might have successful applications in biosynthetic pathways for the ecological production or degradation of chemical compounds.

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