ELIXIR CZ Friday Coffee 2021 – OpenPonk: an Open Conceptual Modelling Platform


OpenPonk: an Open Conceptual Modelling Platform

Robert Pergl, Jan Blizničenko from CTU

OpenPonk is an open platform for conceptual modelling. It offers several notations for structural and behavioural modelling, but most importantly, it is open for extending by new notations, visualisations, simulations, algorithms and integrations. During the session, we introduce the platform and its basic features and present case studies of its usage.

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10. 9. at 9:30 – PhyloFisher: A phylogenomic package for resolving eukaryotic relationships.
17. 9. at 9:30 – Approximation of collective variables by neural networks – Anncolvar.
24. 9. at 9:30 – SBC: an R package for simulation-based calibration and validation of statistical models and algorithms.
1. 10. at 9:30 – to be defined later.

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