ELIXIR CZ Friday Coffee 2021 – Mol* visualization of biomacromolecules


Mol* visualization of biomacromolecules

David Sehnal from MU
The Mol* Viewer (https://molstar.org/) enables 3D visualisation of macromolecular coordinate and experimental data, together with capabilities for displaying structure quality, functional, or biological context annotations. Mol* Viewer also allows users to simultaneously visualise up to hundreds of (superimposed) protein structures, stream molecular dynamics simulation trajectories, render cell-level models, or display huge I/HM structures. It is the primary 3D structure viewer used by PDBe and RCSB PDB and can be easily integrated into third-party services. 
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16.4. at 9:30 – ELIXIR and Galaxy Project.
23.4. at 9:30 – Metadynminer and Metadynreporter.
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