ELIXIR CZ Friday Coffee 2021 – ELIXIR and Galaxy Project


ELIXIR and Galaxy Project

Martin Čech from IOCB

Galaxy is a tool that assists scientists with making their software pipelines reproducible, portable, and easy to share. This session presents a 10,000 feet overview of the Galaxy Project – what it is, what it does and how to start using it. We’ll also cover communities like the Elixir Galaxy and currently forming Galaxy Czech.

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Future webinars

23. 4. at 9:30 – Metadynminer and Metadynreporter.
30. 4. at 9:30 – SPCI: Structural and physicochemical interpretation of QSAR models.
   7. 5. at 9:30 – FireProt: Computational tool for the design of stable proteins.
14. 5. at 9:30 – 2DProts: Family-wide 2D diagrams of protein secondary structure.

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