ELIXIR CZ Annual conference 2023: 3D-BioInfo

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Structural bioinformatics is undergoing a fast transformation with major breakthroughs from experimental methods such as cryo-electron microscopy to disruptive and transformative new approaches in computational prediction methods based on AI and machine learning.

We aim to bring together structural bioinformatics researchers from two communities, 3D-BioInfo and 3D-SIG, for networking and to exchange ideas on the workflows and resources needed to exploit the transformative new developments in the data and methods. We will learn about devising strategies for integrating predicted data and benchmarking the prediction tools.

The 3D-SIG ISCB (International Society for Computational Biology) Community in Structural Bioinformatics covers the same broad research themes as 3D-BioInfo and is a Community of Scientific Interest (COSI) within the International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB). It hosts a scientific track within the ISCB’s annual conference and organises webinars some of which are joint with 3D-BioInfo.

For more information and registration visit 3D-BioInfo and 3D-SIG Conference in Structural Bioinformatics.

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