Data Nodes Network Workshop – WP10.2

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One of the aims of ELIXIR is to establish a network of data Nodes (Nodes with large data collections and databases with established way of data deposition and curation) to enable scalable data storage and their transferability by means of standardised formats.

In this task, we will focus on establishing guidelines and good practices to facilitate efficient data collection into core data resources (cf. WP3), primarily focusing on data needed for selected Use Cases (WP6 to 9). This is tightly linked with IT solution by means of storage, dedicated networks and  connections (cf. WP4). A distributed network following the same standards will also simplify international.

This task both includes creation of routes for data publishing in a uniform manner across ELIXIR with data Nodes in each country and includes data repositories for replication of reference data allowing for fast access. The setting up of a data Nodes network has been identified by the technical experts within ELIXIR as a prioritised area.

The format is 2-day meeting lunch to lunch. We estimate number of participants to be maximum 30. We hope to get the involved WPs represented – at least WP4, WP5, WP9, WP10, WP11.

Workshop Programme

  • Mapping Data in ELIXIR – core resources and beyond (connects to WP3)
  • UK Data Archive experience ( H.Beedham
Current Status and Technology used in Data Nodes
 – EGA and Local EGAs (“EGA in a box”) – hierarchical storage landscape for sensitive data (connects to WP9)
  • Local Fairport-compatible nodes, also including non-sensitive data (connects to WP5)
  • Technical requirements for the above types of data nodes (connects to WP4)
Data management plans
  • Training needs and content (both for node staff and general users) (connects to WP11)
  • Excelerate  use cases (WP6, WP7, WP8)


Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry AS CR
Flemingovo náměstí 2, Prague 6
Building A, 4th floor

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The Institute carries out fundamental research in organic chemistry, biochemistry and related disciplines, focusing in particular on medical and environmental applications. It educates graduate students. It is the seat of the Committee for defence of doctor of science dissertations in organic and bio-organic chemistry.


Jiri Vondrasek

Jiří Vondrášek, Head of ELIXIR Czech Node
Phone: +420 220183267
Mobil: +420 739309016

Pavel Dvořák, ELIXIR CZ technical coordinator; web administrator


Registration is closed and limited to max 30 participants.


Travel expenses and lodging need to be covered by each participating node individually. Czech Node will cover all meeting costs.


Vila Lanna
V sadech 1
160 00 Prague 6
Czech republic

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