Advanced in silico drug design workshop

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Martin Lepšík – IOCB AS CR

Jindřich Fanfrlík – IOCB AS CR

Karel Berka – UPOL

Pavel Polishchuk – UPOL

Attendance of the event is free of charge. Lecture room holds up to 36 seats.
Program starts on Monday 30 January 2017 at 13 h
Lectures (1,5 h each)

Drug design – introduction (Berka)
Chemical libraries (Polishchuk)
Properties of biologically active compounds (Fanfrlik)
Ligand-based methods (QSAR and Pharmacophore) (Polishchuk)
Molecular docking and scoring (Berka)
Advanced docking (Fanfrlík)
MM,MD (Lepšík)
Advanced scoring (Lepšík)
Advanced Virtual Screening (Fanfrlík)

Training (2,5 h each)

QSAR (Polishchuk)
Pharmacophore (Polishchuk)
Molecular docking (Berka)
Advanced molecular docking (Lepsik, Fanfrlik)

Registration is closed.
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