Expert network

ELIXIR Communities

ELIXIR Communities bring together experts to develop standards, services and training within specific life science domains.

3D-BioInfo Community: Helps to understand the 3D structure of macromolecules like proteins and DNA.

Galaxy Community: Fosters a Galaxy community in Europe, together with Galaxy resources and training.

Goals of the Community

  • To develop the infrastructure for FAIR structural and functional annotations
  • To create open resources for sharing, integrating and benchmarking software tools for modelling the proteome in 3D
  • To develop tools to Describe, Analyse, Annotate, and Predict Nucleic Acid Structures
  • To help develop models for protein-ligand interactions

Goals of the Community

  • To build a European network of Galaxy communities
  • To extend Galaxy training provision
  • To create a Galaxy cloud infrastructure across Europe
  • To make it easier to access and transfer data
  • To improve tools and data integration
  • To promote FAIR principles in Galaxy

ELIXIR Focus Group

ELIXIR Focus Groups are agile structures that bring interested parties together around a particular topic.  Typically, they are used to address emerging areas of interest, and seek to identify a strategy that ELIXIR can follow.

Focus Groups are open to any member of ELIXIR, and to external parties, where useful.