ELIXIR-CZ Data platform activities

ELIXIR CZ Data platform engages in the following topics:

  • Collection of Czech biological data sources into the
  • Support FAIRification of individual data resources

is a curated, informative and educational resource on data and metadata standards, inter-related to databases and data policies.

Database of ELIXIR-CZ resources in is available at

ELIXIR Core Data Resources

ELIXIR has identified Core Data Resources on behalf of following principles:

  • Scientific focus and quality of science
  • Community served by the resource
  • Quality of service
  • Legal and funding infrastructure, and governance
  • Impact and translational stories

List of ELIXIR Core Data Resources is available at

ELIXIR has also compiled a list of resources that it recommends for the deposition of experimental data.

List of Deposition databases is available at