Czech Republic is 21st EMBL member

Czech Republic finalised its national procedures for membership of EMBL.

Dear Colleagues,

I am glad to inform you that this week the Czech Republic finalized its national procedures for membership of EMBL and has therefore become the 21st Member State.

Further to this, at the end of April Argentina officially joined EMBL as its second Associate Member State.

In addition, recently the Slovak Republic has become affiliated with EMBL as a Prospect Member State.

Therefore, today EMBL is supported by 21 Member States, 2 Associate Member States and 1 Prospect Member State.

In keeping with its mission to integrate science in Europe and internationally, and in order to intensify links with the research communities in the newly joined countries, EMBL has been and will continue to organise targeted scientific events and scientific visits, and to actively engage in exchange of knowledge. I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in these activities for their continuous support.

Best regards,