Tools and Services (, publication) is a unique database of bioinformatic tools and services focused on the formal annotation of the content. Rather than free text, it uses ontology EDAM (, publication) to describe the functions of a particular tool or service. EDAM also covers data types (both on semantic and syntactic level).

The second pillar of is the biotoolsSchema ( which defines a description model for bioinformatics software. development is led by ELIXIR DK. Since content quality is one of the priorities in, ELIXIR CZ is mostly focused on data curation providing high-quality annotations for content in (especially for large collections like BioConductor). Sum

To provide local views on various collections available in, ELIXIR CZ developed an application Sum ( Combining data from and Europe PMC ( it can present information about publications and their citations in form of citation graphs. On top of that, all the data can be exported to common office formats to facilitate reports generation. Sum can be used to present tools for individual institute or laboratory as well as for the entire project like ELIXIR CZ. Sum will be used in the official ELIXIR CZ websites and will be offered to other partner nodes.

To register a tool or service in, please contact:

Radka Svobodová ( or Tomáš Raček (