ELIXIR CZ Interoperability team engages in the following topics:

  • FAIR Data
  • Data Stewardship and Data Management
  • Foundational ontologies
  • Software tools supporting interoperability


Making data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable is a global initiative of leveraging the value of data. ELIXIR joined this initiative and the Interoperability Platform in cooperation with other platforms supports the life sciences community in this endeavour.

Data Stewardship and Data Management

ELIXIR CZ together with ELIXIR NL develop and maintain the Data Stewardship Wizard, a portal to support discovering, broadening and deeping the knowledge of data stewardship and its various topics, to help prepare valuable data management plans and to find help of community and experts and support the FAIR initiative.

Conceptual Modelling and Foundational Ontologies

We apply conceptual modelling based on foundational ontologies, namely the Unified Foundational Ontology to support interoperability in its various aspects: data interoperability, tools interoperability, as well as documents and organizational interoperability.

Currently, these approaches are applied in the internal project Marrow Donor Registry Simulator.

Software Tools Supporting Interoperability

We develop the OpenPonk conceptual modelling platform, a platform for creating conceptual models, their validations, transformations and simulations.